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Avalanche Snow Safety Equipment

New Zealand

The NZAS Avalanche / Backcountry Survival Shop has been established to provide clients with a selected range of Avalanche & Alpine Emergency Safety Products. Selected equipment include : Avalanche Transceivers, Snow Shovels, ABS Packs, Snow Probes & Snow Science ( Magnifers, Snow Crystal Cards, Thermometers, Snow Density Gauges ) and more.

Avalanche Transceivers - Digital


Flare Avalanche Beacon


The FLARE is a TRANSMIT ONLY device with an easily adjustable 3-point harness. Broadcasting on 457 kHz, Flare is compatible with all transceivers currently on the market and complies with all international market and legislative requirements designed for children and those requiring a transmitter only unit.
Transmission Range 44m (circular).
Total weight approx 115g.

Ortovox Zoom


The ZOOM+ combines the simplest handling with the latest technology and the most advanced design. Reduced to two functional buttons, the ZOOM+ concentrates on intuitive usability. The focus on the clearly designed LED-display is on the on / off switches and the switch between transmitting and searching. Distances, directional arrows and information about several avalanche victims guide you in the fastest way to the refined search area. Total weight approx 200g.

Ortovox 3 plus

ORTOVOX 3+ Blue Ocean

The 3+ is a three-antenna device with a special extra function to first enhance your own safety. The intelligent position recognition system analyses the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the optimal transmitting antenna. There is no longer any such thing as the 'worst position'. Total weight 200g.

Ortovox Zoom Kit

ORTOVOX Avalanche Rescue Kit (Zoom)

The Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit combines a transceiver, probe and shovel in one set. Contains an Ortovox Zoom avalanche transceiver, 240 Economic snow probe and a yellow Badger shovel.

Ortovox 3plus kit

ORTOVOX Avalanche Rescue Kit (3+)

The Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit combines a transceiver, probe and shovel in one set. Contains an Ortovox 3+ avalanche transceiver, 240 Light pfa snow probe and a Beast shovel.

Ortovox S1 Plus

ORTOVOX S1 Plus (Updated Version)

The S1+ gives a clear overview of the burial situation. Being able to see your friends on the display helps to make the right decision. In the past you had to search – today it’s all about locating a victim quickly. Be the fastest with the Ortovox S1 Plus. Total weight 230g.

Pre Season

PULSE Barryvox

With the PULSE Barryvox®, Mammut is presenting a unique, innovative avalanche transceiver on the market. The PULSE Barryvox® excels with its sophisticated technology and user friendliness. The graphical display, a permanent 360-degree direction arrow, and the transmission of vital data allow for an easy, fast and effective rescue of avalanche victims. Weight 210g.



The new Barryvox S combines a highly powerful search with intuitive handling to help you find buried subjects quickly, easily and reliably.

Analog search strip width: 100 m
Digital search strip width: 70 m
Sending frequency: 457 kHz

With a digital search strip width of 70 meters, the Barryvox® is one of the best devices in the world. Weight 210g

Attachment: includes highly functional Barryvox carrying system .

Pre Season Special: $925.00


Avalanche Air Pack


ABS Vario Avalanche Pack

ABS Vario : Avalanche Air Pack - includes Base Unit (steel activation unit, steel cartridge & back cover) Available with either Vario 8L, 18L, 24L, 32L or 45L zip on packs. Base unit in either S or L size.

The ABS® Vario line is the patented best-practice solution for the individual demands of freeriders, ski tourers and mountain guides. The twin system consists of a Vario Base Unit (optional with back protector) and the Vario Zip-ons with a packed volume between 8L, 18L, 24L, 32L and 45L. The Base Units encompasses the tried-and-tested TwinBag system. The different Zip-ons can be attached. Colours vary: Black/Orange, Lime/Green, Red/Orange, Blue/Orange, Green/Orange, Ocean Blue or Red/Grey (colours vary between the various sizes).

For optimum fit, the Vario Base Unit is available in two different back lengths: small & large. Size L is the appropriate choice for a back length of 46 cm or more (top of hip to top of shoulder).

Contact us for more information, shipping costs (within NZ) and available accessories.

Reduced Price $1,650.00

Comes with a 8L zip on Pack.

Shipping Costs Additional.


ABS Powder Line Pack

ABS Powder Line : Avalanche Air Pack - The lightest ABS® Base Unit is much in demand among freeriders and off-piste skiers. However, it can also immediately be combined with Powder Zip-ons from 8L, 15L & 26L (packing volume) and is therefore also suitable for shorter skiing trips. This season it has been completely redesigned. Because of its narrower back panel, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and the tight neoprene hip strap, it also ensures a particularly good fit for women and youngsters. The Powder Base Unit comes with a 8L Powder Zip-on in ocean blue.

Contact us for more information.

Price on Request



ABS Replacement Activation Units - available:

  • Activation Unit Steel
  • Activation Unit Carbon
Contact us for more information, shipping costs (within NZ) and available accessories.



Snow Probes


Ortovox 240 Light pfa

ORTOVOX 240 light pfa

The ideal compromise between weight and price. If the depth of burial is about 1m on average, the probe 240 has a sufficient length. The different-coloured segments made from aluminium indicate the depth. Stretched length 240cm. Closed length 40cm. Diameter 11mm. Weight 270g.

Ortovox 240 Carbon Pro pfa

ORTOVOX 240 Carbon Pro pfa

Unbeatable 190g divided on 240 cm provide the necessary safety outside. For all those who watch for every gram this is the right probe, as it is extremely lightweight, flexible and unbreakable thanks to carbon and cord of KEVLAR®. Stretched length 240cm. Closed length 40cm. Diameter 13mm. Weight 260g.


ORTOVOX 320 pfa

The ideal compromise between length, weight and price. The 320 cm length is a standard measurement for avalanche probes. The differently coloured segments, made from aluminium, with exact markings of depth indicate the depth. Stretched length 320cm. Closed length 40cm. Diameter 13mm. Weight 430g.


ORTOVOX 320 Steel Pro pfa

The probe of all rescue organizations. The 320+ Steel Pro pfa is indestructible. The pfa quick-release tensioning system stretches the probe using a sturdy steel cable pull line within seconds; absolutely safe against moving elements. Stretched length 320cm. Closed length 40cm. Diameter 12mm. Weight 673g.



Snow Shovels


Ortovox Beast Shovel

ORTOVOX Beast 2.5 Snow Shovel - Blue

The T-handle and sanded grip enable economic shoveling. The oval shovel shaft makes the Beast not only stiffer but also extremely resistant to breakage. Total length 86cm. Shovel handle folded 43cm. Scoop 26(L)x21(W)x5(D)cm. Total weight 770g.

Blue Scoop
Beast Shovel and Saw

ORTOVOX Beast 2.5 Snow Shovel & Saw

The T-handle and sanded grip enable economic shoveling. The oval shovel shaft makes the Beast not only stiffer but also extremely resistant to breakage. We have integrated a snow saw in the shaft of the Shovel. Total length 86cm. Shovel handle folded 43cm. Scoop 26(L)x21(W)x5(D)cm. Saw Cutting Blade (L)21cm. Total weight 770g.

Out of Stock

ORTOVOX Professional Alu lll Snow Shovel

The ORTOVOX Professional Alu II is extremely rugged, yet light. Groove-Shaped handle cross section. Telescoping handle. Non-Slip step grooves. Rubberized rip zone. Sharp, protected cutting edge. Pack-friendly design with integrated handle receiver in the blade. Rescue sled function. Rapid locking. 90° Clearing function. T-Grip Pro with flexible left and right-handed function. Total length 77cm. Shovel handle folded 44cm. Scoop 29(L)x22(W)x5(D)cm. Total weight 790g.

Blue Scoop
Kodiak Snow Shovel

ORTOVOX Kodiak Snow Shovel

The ORTOVOX Kodiak is made of high performance, tempered aluminum which is both light and extremely stiff. The shovel has a telescopic design and is extremely resistant to breakage due to its oval shape. The unique design enables it to quickly transform into a hatchet with a D-handle. Total length 88cm. Shovel handle folded 49cm. Scoop 30(L)x23(W)x6(D)cm. Total weight 770g.

New Stock arriving. Blue Scoop.
Voile T6 Shovel

VOILE Telescopic Pro T6 Extreme Shovel - Orange

The Voile Telepro shovel is the choice of avalanche professionals, guides, patrollers and rescue teams. The telescoping shaft can be removed from the scoop. T6 heat treated extreme blade with deadman holes for use in rescue sled or as an emergency anchor. Total length 80-100cm. Scoop size 38(L)x25(W)cm. Total weight 850g.

Out of Stock


Snow Saw


Ortovox Snow Saw

ORTOVOX Snow Saw (excludes Handle)

The tool for all professionals and true outdoor fans! The Snowsaw is ideal for creating snow profiles or cutting snow blocks for the igloo.

The Snowsaw is compatible with all new Ortovox shovel shafts with an oval cross section ie: The Kodiak & Beast 2.5 Snow Shovel.

Weight: 220g. Blade length: 40 cm. Total length: 55 cm.

NOTE: Small blade sheath's for each side of the blades supplied.

Limited Stock


Avalanche Advisory Information

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