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Aoraki Mount Cook Trek Equipment List


We can provide at no extra charge any items in list A (below) that you are missing.

Your pack together with your own gear should not weigh more than about 6 kg. Plus you will be adding a helmet and some fresh food (bread, meat, cheese, vegetables) to this weight, to end up with 10 kg to carry on the first day.


A: Equipment which can be provided if you do not have your own:

  • Backpack minimum 45 litre capacity
  • Hiking boots, well broken in and waterproofed, with a firm upper for good ankle support. Please note that currently the smallest boot we have is size 4.5 UK (the insole of this boot measures 240mm) and largest pair of boots we have is a size 46 European. So if you have feet smaller / larger than this you will need to suppy your own boots.
  • Snow gaiters
  • 2 pairs woollen socks
  • Polyprop long johns (thermal leggings)
  • Waterproof overtrousers
  • Polyprop singlet, long sleeved
  • Fleece jacket
  • Waterproof parka (with hood)
  • Gloves (polyprop gloves are good, but you need warmer gloves or mittens as well)
  • Overmits
  • Wool hat or balaclava
  • Sun hat
  • Headlamp or torch with spare battery
  • Plastic bags
  • Pack liner (heavy duty plastic bag)
  • Ski/hiking poles


B: Equipment you must bring yourself / we do not provide:

  • Personal underwear
  • Shirt (long-sleeved, light-coloured, to avoid sunburn and keep cool)
  • Quick-drying (nylon) trekking pants or shorts
  • Sun glasses (If you are wearing prescription glasses you must have sunglasses with a high enough UV rating for snow)
  • Sun and lipscreen
  • Sun scarf - for protecting ears & back of neck
  • Personal first aid. Please provide your own plaster for blisters. We recommend Compeed Blister Plasters (from Johnson & Johnson Skin Care) - available at chemists in Christchurch / Queenstown.
  • Toilet gear (minimal) including a small hand towel
  • Camera
  • Ear plugs (to provide immunity in case of any snorers!)
  • Drink bottle (minimum 1 litre)
    • A helmet will be provided. Sleeping bags, mattresses and pillows are at the hut. We provide you with a cotton sleeping bag liner and pillow case. If you have your own sleeping bag liner, please bring it (silk is lighter than cotton). You do NOT need to bring down jacket (hut is warm enough) or hut shoes (provided). Please note that all food is provided. Your pack with your own gear should not weigh more than about 6 kg. You will be adding a helmet and some fresh food (bread, meat, cheese, veges) to this weight, to end up with about 10kg to carry on the first day.

      Anybody attempting a Ball Pass Crossing without a guide needs to be an experienced mountaineer with good judgement for snow and ice conditions, and safe route selection in an high alpine environment. The Ball Pass is a route only, NOT an established or marked track. Caroline Hut is not available to unguided parties.